God And Man

Designed For Worship

We are all looking for something to worship – it’s how we’re made. We create idols because we are designed for worship. We seek after something to receive our praise and adoration.

bradDesigned For Worship
Sound Crew

Worship Tech Roundup

This week’s Worship Tech Roundup: music vision meets tech, what volunteers nixed, cheap distortion pedals, stacking delay pedals, and why context is critical for a good mix.

bradWorship Tech Roundup
Weekend Links

Weekend Links

New music, weird pronunciations, imperfect songwriters, anonymous tech confessions, and worship train wreck. It’s Weekend Links.

bradWeekend Links
Reading Music

Five Reasons That Practice Is Essential

We often talk about how important practice is, but that’s because it’s too easy to forget. Life gets busy, and sometimes it’s hard to find the time to sit down and work at mastering your instrument.

bradFive Reasons That Practice Is Essential
Tristin Roberts

Interview: Worship Leader Tristin Roberts

Tristin Roberts is a worship leader and recording artist currently out of Oregon. Recently, Tristin talked to Worship Links about his new recording project, serving your congregation with your song choices, and the importance of having a third backup guitar, just in case.

bradInterview: Worship Leader Tristin Roberts

Four Tips For Leading Worship In A Traditional Church

While I don’t subscribe to the idea that any particular genre of music is more “worshipful” than another, there are definite differences when it comes to leading the congregation in a traditional church and a church that embraces modern worship music.

bradFour Tips For Leading Worship In A Traditional Church
Michael Tooley

Interview: Worship Leader Michael Tooley

Michael Tooley is a worship leader and the driving force behind Without House Or Harbor. Recently, Michael talked to Worship Links about serving the congregation, innovation, and making sure your PowerPoint slides are correct.

bradInterview: Worship Leader Michael Tooley