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Eight Things Nobody Told You About Leading Worship

It’s tempting to watch a worship leader up on the platform and think, “Pfft. I could do that.” But leading worship is a high calling, and a challenging one at that. You have to be wired in a certain way to even want to do it, and most people honestly don’t have the combination of skills required.

bradEight Things Nobody Told You About Leading Worship
Life Eternal

NoiseTrade Roundup 07.23.2014

There’s always lots of good worship music on NoiseTrade, and more is being added all the time. Here’s our weekly roundup of the newest worship music available on NoiseTrade.

bradNoiseTrade Roundup 07.23.2014

Singing The Full Spectrum Of Faith

Jimi Williams suggests we have a lack in our current worship songs. Not that we’re lacking good theology, but that we’re neglecting to sing about the full Christian experience.

bradSinging The Full Spectrum Of Faith

Five People You Don’t Want On Your Worship Team

I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing people throughout my time as a worship leader. People with tremendous talent and huge hearts. It’s been my honor to lead them on my team. Unfortunately, I’ve also had to deal with my share of stinkers. And I’ve decided that for the most part, the people you don’t want on your worship team fall into five categories.

bradFive People You Don’t Want On Your Worship Team
Sound Crew

Worship Tech Roundup

This week’s Worship Tech Roundup: screens in worship, presentation software, more creative sermons, cutting costs through technology, and things you should avoid.

bradWorship Tech Roundup
Don't Panic

Worship Team Standards Can Reduce Surprises

I still remember one of the most awkward encounters I’ve ever had with a worship team member. We were at a small group Christmas party, and we both came up to the food table at the same time. He looked at me and pulled me aside. I’ll never forget what he said next.

bradWorship Team Standards Can Reduce Surprises

Assumptions To Avoid

Sometimes creativity and leadership can be a dangerous mix. As artists, we tend to be more emotional, and this can lead us to make incorrect assumptions.

bradAssumptions To Avoid
Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments Of Leading Worship

I’ve been leading worship in one capacity or another for over twenty years. Wow, it makes me kind of sad to type that sentence, because it means I’m older than I thought I was. Anyway, over those years, I’ve done a lot of things wrong, and I learned the right way to do some things as well. This is my attempt to fit twenty years of worship leading lessons into ten simple commandments.

bradThe Ten Commandments Of Leading Worship