Lose The Long Face

Having spent so many of my formative years listening to grunge and alternative, I took a long time to learn to smile when singing. But my congregation didn’t want to see me scowling through the worship set, and neither does yours.

bradLose The Long Face

Rules And When To Break Them

As a leader, you have be fair, but you also have to know when to make exceptions for people. At one church where I led worship, I had to be pretty strict about the “no practice/no play” rule. If I loosened the restrictions or made any exceptions, people started to take advantage. They weren’t bad people or anything – that’s just the way people are.

bradRules And When To Break Them

Five Ways To Address Volume Problems

If you haven’t heard many complaints about the volume, you probably haven’t been leading worship for very long. Aside from my musical choices, volume was the number one thing that people complained about for years. A lot of it was fixed with a better sound system, but sometimes some education is in order.

bradFive Ways To Address Volume Problems

The Importance Of Personal Worship

If you want to be a better musician, you have to practice. There’s no way around it. Same goes for leading worship: if you want to be a better worship leader, you have to practice by spending time in personal worship.

bradThe Importance Of Personal Worship

God Rested For A Reason, And So Should We

The most interesting thing about the Creation story to me is that God rested. I mean, He’s God. He has infinite strength. It’s not like He needed to take a break. No, He rested to set an example for us.

bradGod Rested For A Reason, And So Should We

God Sees Your Value

The enemy loves to attack us while we’re leading worship, doesn’t he? But we can’t let the enemy or mankind define who we are, because we belong to Christ.

bradGod Sees Your Value