Weekend Links

Weekend Links

Speaking drummer, children’s choirs, startling realizations, Jesus Culture, and jaywalking worship leaders. It’s Weekend Links.

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Too Good For Your Own Good

Proficiency on your instrument is a good thing, but it can lead you to a bad place if you’re not careful. There’s nothing wrong with being a great musician, but if you become too comfortable and stop trying to improve, you’re in trouble.

bradToo Good For Your Own Good
Worship Concert

Six Ways To Be A Great Worship Team Member

Everyone on the worship team is a worship leader. We may not all have the title or the position, but we’re all up front leading the congregation to the throne. But building a worship team is more complicated than just throwing together some talented musicians.

bradSix Ways To Be A Great Worship Team Member

The Wrong Kind Of Platform

As worship leaders, we’re often on the platform. But we need to make sure we’re talking about the right kind of platform. Dan Wilt has a warning for worship leaders to avoid expanding our own influence.

bradThe Wrong Kind Of Platform
Surprised Cat

Eight Things Nobody Told You About Leading Worship

It’s tempting to watch a worship leader up on the platform and think, “Pfft. I could do that.” But leading worship is a high calling, and a challenging one at that. You have to be wired in a certain way to even want to do it, and most people honestly don’t have the combination of skills required.

bradEight Things Nobody Told You About Leading Worship
Life Eternal

NoiseTrade Roundup 07.23.2014

There’s always lots of good worship music on NoiseTrade, and more is being added all the time. Here’s our weekly roundup of the newest worship music available on NoiseTrade.

bradNoiseTrade Roundup 07.23.2014