The Average Worship Leader

I will freely confess: I am not an average worship leader. I fall quite short. I aspire to be average someday. So reading Bob Kauflin’s post, A Salute To The Average Worship Leader, was inspiring and encouraging.

By average I don’t mean mediocre or lazy. Just normal. Because that’s what most of those leading in churches today are. Normal. Maybe you can relate to some of these “average worship leader” characteristics:

  • Your musical training, if any, was years ago.
  • You prepare and rehearse in the midst of a full time job and responsibilities at home.
  • Your sound system has been pieced together over the years and still works. Most of the time.
  • Your choices for lighting are ON or OFF.
  • You have good folks on your team who don’t have a ton of time to practice or rehearse during the week.

That’s not the whole list, either. 🙂 I can really relate to a lot of that. But he doesn’t stop at the salute; he also offers some suggestions for improvement:

While there’s never anything “average” about leading people to exalt the glories of Christ through music and the Word, we can always grow. So to encourage you and spur you on, here are a few thoughts…

Read the whole article for those thoughts. Good stuff, and very encouraging!

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