Golden Calf

What are your golden calves?

I mean that figuratively, of course. I assume that you don’t have a literal, physical, golden statue of a calf anywhere.

I hope not, anyway.

But we all have golden calves in our lives. Some people like to call them “high places.” But whatever you call them, we need to get rid of them.

Melissa Pirtle recently wrote a great piece at Worship Ministry about the golden calves that worship leaders can all too easily build. One example:

Stardom mentality: The definition for the word stardom: The status of a performer or entertainer as a star acknowledged. Stardom mentality can be contagious. This is where humility comes in and the acknowledgment of where your talent comes from. Stardom has ruined so many peoples lives, especially Worship leaders. It is ok to get compliments, and it is ok to say thank you for them. God did use you as the vessel to flow through. The danger lies when we begin to think it was because of me! I made this happen.

Read the entire article for other Melissa’s other insights.

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