Sharing The Load

I used to have a bad case of “If I Don’t Do It, It Doesn’t Get Done.” I’ve gotten better about it, but it’s still tough sometimes.

And that’s not an appealing quality in a worship leader, because it leads to a dangerous tendency to try to be self-sufficient, and as a result, to deny others the opportunity to use their gifts.

In the latest issue of Worship Leader Magazine, Rory Noland, author of The Heart Of The Artist, wrote a piece called What’s Your Excuse? It’s all about allowing others to help us carry the load:

Every leadership book I’ve read stresses the importance of delegation. It’s even in the Bible (see Ex 18:3-26). Delegation is a simple concept, yet many leaders fail to share the workload. Let’s examine the four most common excuses for neglecting this important facet of leadership.

The article is well worth reading, especially if you have a tendency to try to do everything yourself.

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