What Matters Most

Although it was originally published on BeliefNet, Ronnie McBrayer’s post “Get Out” caught my attention at the Ministry Matters website. As a battle scarred veteran of the “worship wars” myself, I can verify Ronnie’s statement:

Here is one of the many things that make churches peculiar: The most heated arguments in the church were not over our location or theology or future plans. No, the worst controversies I ever endured were over our style of worship.

I wish it weren’t so, but it is. But rather than simply dwell on the negative of fighting over music, Ronnie challenges us to remember what’s really important:

The better questions are, “Does our worship push us out of our church sanctuaries (or wherever it is we meet) to be Christ to the world? What happens when the worship service is over?” These are the more appropriate questions.

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