Lifecycle Of A Worship Song

Musicademy has another great post today. This one is by Jon Nicol, and it’s called The Lifecycle Of A Worship Song (And Why It Matters For Your Church). It’s a good follow up to their hilarious post from a week or so ago about knowing when to cut a song.

Everything has a lifecycle. You. Me. Our churches. The TV shows we watch. The brand of cereal we eat. Even the catch-phrase epic fail, which many teenager have already stopped saying, but adults are just now picking up on it (and will say for the next eleven years).

Our worship songs are no exception. They are born. They grow. They die. Or at least fade to near obscurity.

I’m sure we’ve all seen this process play out with songs in our own churches. The post has some graphs and charts showing what a song’s lifecycle can look like, but they note that each song will look different for each church. The key is being sensitive to your church and congregation’s needs and their response to the songs.

Read the full post for more information and a great example of one song’s lifecycle in Jon’s church.

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