The Rest Of The Audience

“I’m doing this for an audience of One.”

“Just remember: this is for an audience of One.”

Ever heard or said that phrase? I know I have, many times.

Joel Klampert takes on this idea in his post It Is NOT An Audience Of One. The phrase bothers him, and I see his point. It’s not that he doesn’t understand the intent behind it:

Let me clarify here that I know what people are trying to say. They are basically reminding the leader that we do everything for God and only His opinion matters. It is the concept that even if there is nobody in church on sunday that we should still worship the King.

The problem is that it ignores the rest of the audience. Sure, we absolutely do things for God and His glory, but we can’t lose sight of our community, our family, and certainly not least of all, the lost among us:

Are we so stuck on our Audience of one that we can’t even see those in need right in front of us?
Are we so stuck on our Audience of one that we are not aware that others are watching us and forming their opinions about God based on our actions?
Are we so stuck on our Audience of one that the LAW in our hearts outweighs the grace we give out?

Good stuff, and it really casts a well-worn phrase in a new light. Go check out the whole post for more of Joel’s insight, including lots of scripture to back up his position.

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