Biblical Worship

Last week, Aaron Armstrong posted a great article called What Does The Bible Say About Worship? at Blogging Theologically It’s on the longish side, but the whole thing is really interesting. A few passages really jumped out at me, such as this one:

It can be tempting to take the imagery of the Temple worship and place it upon the local church. However, the New Testament doesn’t allow for this. Instead, starting with Jesus, the New Testament presents a definite shift away from “place and time” worship to “every moment, everywhere” worship.

And this:

On our best days, our efforts are half-hearted, our motives conflicted. The flesh is constantly at war with the spirit… it’s no wonder Martin Luther said that Christians are all simultaneously sinners and saints (see Rom 7). If our worship were up to us alone, we’d be utterly lost. None of it would be pleasing and acceptable to God.

But this is where the good news of the gospel aids us in our worship—Jesus is the perfect worshipper. In His incarnation, He obeyed every command of God without flaw or failure. His devotion is unwavering.

If you have a few extra minutes today, read the whole post. If not, save it for the weekend, but be sure you read it.

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