Leadership Roundup

I think I’m going to do weekly leadership roundups for a while. There’s so much good stuff out there, and it would be tough to link to everything individually. So with that mind, here’s a short list of some of the best leadership posts I came across this week.

Elliot Ritzema: But throughout church history, leaders acknowledged the importance of gifts while remembering something we often forget: A leader’s spiritual well-being is vital to a ministry’s well-being. When a leader struggles, the numbers may still look good for a while, but death is around the corner. Leadership gifts, on their own, aren’t enough.

Scott Williams: Don’t confuse great performance with great leadership. There are plenty or organizations, environments and teams that have great performance, while the implications of the leadership is devastating to the employees. These teams are generally over-worked, under-valued, under-appreciated, stressed out, carry their work problems home and are flat out unhealthy. Great leadership produces healthy teams.

J. R. Miller: The team members were loosely connected to one another, but their primary connection was a relationship to me and my family. At the time it was felt that these bonds of friendship would enable my core team to stand firm through the difficulties of planting and buck the trends of turnover so prevalent in other church plants. While the Reunion Church core team did last longer than some, within two years, I had lost 80% of the original core team. The core team members who left the church plant never passed on their leadership roles and as a consequence, Reunion Church was left floundering; trying to incorporate a second-generation “core team” to help the church move forward.

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