Rock Concert Lighting

The lighting set up at my church is pretty simple. We have two spotlights and an overhead light. That’s it. And that works fine for us.

I’ve been to churches with much bigger set ups, and that works fine for them.

The thing about a lighting set up is this: use it appropriately. A recent post at Worship Sense addresses this:

One place had rapidly moving laser lights, big washes, and bright spots in random locations. It was very, very cool. And it was very, very distracting. Even with my eyes closed, I could see the lights darting to and fro through my eyelids. At a different conference, there were no dancing laser lights (at least not during this song). All there was, primarily, was a massive wash of red lights all over the stage. A sea of red. And during this song about the blood of Jesus shed for our sins, seeing this wash of red visually enhanced this time of worship. Not only was I singing about the blood, but I was visualizing the blood of Christ washing over everything. It was very simple, but it was extremely impactful.

It’s a good reminder that the technology we have access to is just a tool. It’s not inherently good or bad. Modern doesn’t mean compromise. Just use what you have the right way with the right heart.

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