Evaluating Your Ministry

My annual review is coming up at work soon. I’ll be honest: I don’t ever really look forward to it. It’s not exactly my favorite time of year. But I usually do okay.

And while being evaluated might make me uncomfortable, I see the value in it. My boss needs to know what’s working and what’s not. He needs to me know where my strengths are and where I need to improve.

Just like in ministry. Brian Howard wrote a post called 12 Questions For Starting A New (Or Evaluating A Current) Ministry. The list would be a good exercise for any church or ministry to go through. He starts at the very beginning, so to speak:

What is the purpose of this ministry?
What are you hoping to accomplish with this ministry? What is the purpose and mission of the ministry? How does it fit into your overall vision? Is there a primary purpose? Is there a secondary purpose?

That might seem like an obvious question for the worship leader, but I challenge you to take a moment and write down an answer. It may not be as easy as you think.

Another good question:

What kinds of support will be required for this ministry?
What type of support, services, and facilities will the ministry need from the church? What are the budget/financial needs to get this ministry started? What are the budget/financial needs to sustain this ministry? How can we find the money needed to support this ministry?

That’s also valuable for the worship team to ponder, since we have plenty of needs: a sound system, projection, access to printed music, training, etc. I encourage you to check out Brian’s full post and consider putting your team through the questions.

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