Leadership Roundup

There are so many great articles on leadership being posted online, and I’m finding new ones every week. So that means it’s time for this week’s Leadership Roundup. Below you’ll find some of the best leadership resources I came across this week. So save them to Instapaper or Pocket or Read It Later or your bookmarks, and check them out when you have some time this weekend. Be challenged and be encouraged.

James Heskett: Instead of summoning someone to clean it up, he asked a colleague to get him cleaning compound and a cloth, things easily found in a company that provided cleaning services. Whereupon he proceeded to get down on his hands and knees to clean up the spill himself. The remarkable thing was that board members and employees alike hardly noticed as he did it. It was as if it was expected in a company with self-proclaimed servant leadership.

Chris Surratt: Helping someone become a fully devoted follower of Christ is not for the faint of heart. There will be times of elated joy and times of extreme frustration. People’s lives are messy, and walking this journey with them gives you a back stage pass to the ugliness.

Brandon Andersen: God gives people gifts to be used in the church for his kingdom purposes (Rom. 12:6–8). The ministry leader—whose role is to equip them for the work of ministry—is a steward of those people and gifts (Eph. 4:11–12). As a ministry leader, your goal is to maximize the gifts God created a person with, not to get them to do what you need them to do.

Brad Lomenick: You give a big assignment or project to someone on your team, and they lay an egg- totally drop the ball and don’t get it done. We’ve all been there. I know I have…..both as the goat who goofed up, as well as the one in charge trying to figure out how to handle the situation. So how do you handle it?

Jordan Richmond: What is worship? The answer should be very simple. Yet I’m amazed how many church leaders, and worship leaders, do not have a clear philosophy of worship. I confess, I’ve led worship for years without having answered this question. We aimlessly design services, and make decisions based on fads, tradition, preferences, even fear – and confuse this for worship. Really it’s just poor leadership.

Tony Morgan: Have you noticed that the church is lagging behind in the creativity department? Sure, there are a few outliers but realistically creative churches now seem to be a minority. It drives me nuts to see five hundred webpages that are carbon copies of a creative church. The same fonts, colors and ministry descriptions. The same organizational structures and service schedules, the same sermon series and even identical visions and core values.

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