Let Them Eat…

I’ll admit that I didn’t find what I expected in this post by Jamie Brown. It’s called Learn To Read A Hungry Room. I thought he would be writing about people hungry for more of God, hungry to hear more of the pastor’s message, or hungry to worship.

Nope. Turns out, I was thinking too hard. They were hungry for food. Jamie writes:

And if the room is ready for lunch — then unless the Holy Spirit comes down in literal tongues of fire and everyone forgets for a moment how delicious Chipotle sounds — you cannot overcome the dynamic of a hungry or fidgety room. Just go with it, and be willing to adjust your plans.

Leading worship requires a great deal of flexibility and humility, and Jamie’s short post is a great illustration of both. You need to be flexible to enough to change plans quickly, and you need to be humble enough to accept when your original plan isn’t the right one. And sometimes, you have to let them go get some lunch.

Go check out Jamie’s full post. It’s a quick read.

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