Authenticity Or Excuses?

Love this piece by Kendra Kirby at Worship Leader Magazine on using the “authenticity” buzzword as an excuse for all sorts of behaviors:

The buzzword for today’s culture is “authenticity.” It’s a word that drives me crazy—all of life seems to be measured by this word. If you are truly “authentic to yourself,” then the worst of behavior can be forgiven because you are being “authentic.” It’s as if being true to yourself equates with “truth.” So instead of truth being measured by what God says, it’s measured by ourselves—a form of idolatry. It excuses behavior and provides a term to hide behind rather than stretching beyond our natural behaviors or looking for truth from Someone else’s perspective.

Remember, you can be authentic without making excuses. Kendra writes:

To me, “true authenticity” calls upon usage of all adaptable facets of who God created us to be, rather than a limiting concept that draws boundaries and lines.

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