Finding New Worship Songs

One part of worship ministry that I’ve always found challenging is finding new music. Actually, finding music is easy, so I’ll be more specific: finding good new music that fits my church.

If you asked me about my methods for finding new songs, I’d probably say “umm” a lot, because I don’t really have a good system in place. So I really appreciate this post by David Santistevan called How Do You Find New Worship Songs? David writes:

As worship leaders we need to be intentional about how we choose our songs. But the questieon still remains: Where? Where do I look to find songs? A valid question. The internet is a big place and knowing where to look is half the battle. Below is a brief list of ways I discover new music.

David goes on to list six ways to seek out new worship music. Definitely worth checking out. Where do you go for new music?

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