It’s Not About The Music

Matt Redman helped us to be ready when the music fades. But what about when the music stinks? Ever been to another church where the music wasn’t at the level you’re accustomed to?

What do you do when the music is really bad?

You worship. That’s what you do. Aaron Armstrong at Blogging Theologically has this to say:

This weekend we were visiting a Baptist church in a small town here in Ontario. The atmosphere was fascinating. This is the kind of church where you stand when the pastor enters the sanctuary and wait for him to leave before you make for the exit. The opening processional was handled on an electric organ. The songs were sung by five people (including the pastor) accompanied only by a piano. And they were all songs in keys in which man was never meant to sing. They weren’t setting the world on fire with their talents. But you know what was cool? People were singing their hearts out to Jesus in this church.

I love that. It really puts things into perspective. Focus on what matters. Always remember that worship is a response to God, not to the music or the worship leader.

Go check out Aaron’s full post. He has other insights to share as well.

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