The iPad In Ministry

I’ve never been shy about the fact that I lead worship from my iPad. I’ve even taken to using my iPad when performing in the various bands that I play in. It’s so much easier than carrying a binder or a big stack of papers everywhere.

When the pastor steps to deliver the message, and I step off the platform, my iPad comes with me and transforms from my music stand to my Bible. It’s very handy.

Pat Callahan has a post called iStudy And iDelivery: My Apples And Preaching. It’s all about using the iPad for his ministry. While it’s aimed at pastors and speakers, I think the lessons easily apply to worship leaders as well:

I thought I’d share some of the ways Apple has made my life easier as a pastor, especially as it relates to delivering messages on Sunday. Here’s some of the things I’ve learned…

Read Pat’s full post for some practical tips, including some app recommendations.

And if you’re not an Apple fan, don’t worry: the lessons here apply to Android and other platforms as well. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the link, Brad. I love your site and am enjoying reading your articles. I shot a link to my worship leader, as I think it would be helpful to him. Have a great day!

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