Friday Funnies

We take worship ministry pretty seriously, but life can’t be serious all the time, can it? Here’s some worship-related humor to brighten your Friday. 🙂

Jon Acuff lists some things you can’t do when you’re not leading worship:

Worship leaders love “talk singing.” That’s when they’ll say, “This weekend, me and my wife were having coffee. I just realized everyone needs compassion, love that’s never failing” In the audience you think, “Wait, we were just having a coffee and now we’re in a magical song. So tricky!” Try that at work today in a meeting. “I think the fourth quarter numbers will be great and we are the champions my friend.”

Karl Verkade has been taking us on a hilarious “choose your own adventure” journey about worship:

The sound tech has conceded, and allowed your amps to continue to be on stage. The worship leader pretends it was really his decision, but everyone knows he’s scared of the sound tech. Whenever he has a sound opinion, such as ‘I can’t hear my monitor’, the sound tech walks into the middle of the room with his iPhone, takes some unknown measurement, and then says something technical like, ‘Nope. The room’s algorithm is sonically 4000hz, so everything’s perfect. It only sounds like you can’t hear your monitor.’ At which point the worship leader quietly concedes. Although, to be fair to the sound guy, everyone else on stage can hear the worship leader’s monitor, even the ones at which it’s pointed completely away from, so sometimes you have to make stuff up in the interest of saving everyone’s eardrums.

Don Chapman shares some worship leader memes:

Wikipedia explains an Internet meme is an idea, style or action which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet, as with imitating the concept. Here are a few worship leader-themed memes to hit the ‘net.

Adam Dolhanyk addresses some of the searches that have brought people to the Real World Worship Leading blog (not all of it is meant to be funny, but there were a couple items that made me laugh):

I wish more Christian bands were similar to U2 and Coldplay. Using a delay pedal doesn’t count.

I’m not going to justify this question with a response.

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