Seven Ways To Strengthen Your Worship Team

Having a team of strong musicians is great, but having a strong team of musicians is even better. I mean it’s wonderful to have a group of musically talented people working with you, but it’s even better when that group is working well together, united in a common goal. One effective way to accomplish that is to break your worship team (and yourself) out of its comfort zone.

In an article at Worship Leader Magazine, Tom Sullivan writes:

So, you’ve downloaded and practiced all the latest worship songs, your team is seemingly prepared at their best, and the church is celebrating Jesus. But, you can’t seem to shake the fact that something is missing, wrong, too vanilla, or just not what you expect. Maybe you and your team are in a musical or spiritual rut! It is natural and easy to focus on a single style, song key, instrumental grouping, or other music or spiritual characteristic. We too often – in all areas of our lives and our ministries – tend to limit ourselves and our ministries to what we have always done or how we have always done it. But, God doesn’t call us to always be “comfortable”.

Tom goes on to list seven things you can do to strengthen your worship team, such as:

Strengthening the Team Dynamics: If you as a worship leader are trying to carry the team, each section, and all the work, you may be missing an opportunity bring together a team of people who will help improve using their talents and gifts and wearing yourself down at the same time. Consider adding section leaders to assist lesser experienced or lesser qualified musicians or to help bring in new musicians.

It’s a good list, and you should go read the whole thing.

I’ll throw in one more suggestion for something I do to build up my team (although I haven’t done it for a while, so I’m overdue): have some fun together! Whether it’s an evening of fellowship at a team member’s house, a concert you all attend together, or a cookout after church, getting to know each other outside of the worship service makes for a stronger team.

What are some ways you build up your worship team?

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