The Best Of The Mumfordesque

Worship Leader Magazine has a list of the best Mumford-style songs for worship:

It’s no secret that Mumford & Sons has influenced music in the service of worship in this country. On a cultural level, we have been smitten by the driving beat of the kick drum and the possibility of a banjo at every turn. And despite some a couple of explicit lyrics, most likely a good number of the people in your congregation have bought their records and know all their songs. Let’s be honest here, you probably have as well. It’s because as a forebear of American bluegrass, the English folk style quite familiar to us. Plus the lyrics to their soaring melodies ascend above the mundane. Their songs are about healing for friends, making the world a better place, and yes, even connecting with their understanding of the Maker (not too surprising that Marcus Mumford is the son of Vineyard directors for the UK and Ireland).

Great list. Great songs. My church has really gotten into the Mumford sound, whether they know it or not.

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