Devotions On Praise

WorshipSounds Music has published a set of 31 devotions, all centered around the subject of praise. That’s a month’s worth of devotions:

All of us have to be intentional about praise. We have to choose to become people who make a commitment to express praise to God and to others about God. We have to choose to be both vulnerable and strong in expressing praise to God within the congregation. We lay aside any concerns about what other people are thinking or doing, and we simply focus on praising God with all of our hearts. Praise opens our hearts to God as we focus on Him alone. He inhabits (dwells within or manifests His presence within) the praise of His people. Have a beautiful month as you praise Him each day!

This is a great resource for any worship leader or worship team member. As I read through a couple of the devotions, I thought what a great thing it would be to take your team through these. A short devotion like this is a wonderful way to open worship team practice.

Each one is short, so it doesn’t take long to get through, and they’re all based on scripture.

And if you do them weekly with your team, you have the better part of a year covered.

Head over to WorshipSounds Music to read them for yourself. Good stuff!

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  1. It’s so great to know that you have recommended this post for your readers. We are hoping that it will be a useful worship and devotional resource for individuals as well as for Worship Ministers and Worship Ministry personnel.

    God bless you and your ministry,

    Cynthia B.
    Worship Sounds Music blog

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