A First Resolution For 2014

I can’t believe it’s already October. Not only am I already seeing some posts about planning Christmas services, but I just ran across Steve Brown’s post about planning your 2014 services:

Resolve in 2014 to sing a New Song to The Lord! Why not empower an energetic teen or young adult in your congregation who plays the piano, keyboards, or guitar to lead a worship team in offering one new song for each day of worship in 2014?

That’s a pretty lofty goal, but certainly an attainable one. But Steve doesn’t stop with just the idea:

I have searched for appropriate songs and prayed for guidance but your Pastor should still review and approve each piece in the list below. Here are my recommendations for one song in each of your worship services in 2014.

Not all of the songs are new, of course, but many will be new for someone. Click through to see his whole list. It’s quite impressive, listing one song for each week of 2014, based on the Lectionary Readings. Scripture references are listed as well.

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