Friday Funnies

We take worship ministry pretty seriously, but life can’t be serious all the time, can it? Here’s some worship-related humor to brighten your day.

Remember, these are just excerpts, so make sure you click the links! 🙂

Jonathan Malm has a list of five worship leader nightmares:

This is the single best moment in leading worship. The song builds to a crescendo, you back away from the mic, and the congregation explodes in singing. But what if they don’t sing?

Ten tongue-in-cheek tips for worship team members, via David Manner:

If you have to inhale to wear skinny jeans…don’t.

Bobby Gilles ponders what would happen if other servants in the church acted like worship leaders:

I love directing cars as they enter our parking lot. It used to get boring though — all I was doing was helping people get into and out of parking spaces in an orderly fashion. A trained monkey could do that. Now, I bring a lot of sizzle with my steak. I turn cartwheels and do backflips. Also, I wear happening clothes. I was going for a grunge look for awhile but recently I’ve been dressing more like a hipster.

Robb from Changing Worship has some iOS7 humor for the technology inclined:

This new fangled #iOS7 is the reason no one comes to church anymore. It was much better in the days when the numbered keys also worked the letters. I know it was harder then but it was a mark of respect for God that you had to press 37 keys to pray ‘praise ye the lord’.

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