Worship Leaders And George Costanza

Great post at Worship Leader Magazine by Aaron Mitchum on how he as a worship leader relates to George Costanza of Seinfeld. Aaron writes:

People seem to always want to find themselves when they watch a TV show with a strong ensemble cast. Whether it’s Friends, The Office or Parenthood we want to know where we fit in the story. For me this happened strongly with the show Seinfeld. I know every episode and every line and I find myself most at home with George Costanza. George was the short, balding, bad with women, completely neurotic (if not borderline) and yet affable character. When I have moments of awkwardness, humiliation or unforeseen vulnerability I quietly refer to them as my moments of George (“The Summer of George” anyone?). Moments of George happen quite often for me and I have one friend in particular who used to cringe at these moments of mine. My friend would react to my Moments of George with the ridicule of a comment like, “classic Mitchum.”

So how does this relate to worship leaders? Read Aaron’s full post to find out.

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