Friday Funnies

We take worship ministry pretty seriously, but life can’t be serious all the time, can it? Here’s some worship-related humor to brighten your day.

Remember, these are just excerpts, so make sure you click the links!

Jonathan Malm lists six more things that worship leaders probably don’t want to hear:

“Did you write that song?”
This is often a well-meaning comment. But it can be frustrating after you sing a song like “Shout to the Lord”. First of all, where have you been for the last twenty years?

Jon Acuff gives you four sure signs that the end (of the sermon) is near:

Musicians start materializing on the edge of the stage. Always look for a slightly anxious worship leader with an acoustic guitar trying to come back on stage. That’s a dead giveaway that the sermon is about to end.

Tim Hawkins provides some lessons on the different ways to raise your hands in church:

Kevin Riner shares the tragic story of a worship leader who couldn’t grow a beard:

However, I have lived my whole life ten years younger because folks can’t believe I’m four years from forty. So I have discovered the fountain of youth. It’s not a place. It’s what’s on your face. No hair and the occasional pimple. So if you want to look younger, don’t go out and get a plastic surgery. Just get hair removal and put some oil on your face so you’ll break out occasionally.

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