Some Idols Are Sneaky

Anything that we put on a pedestal can become an idol, even if it’s a good thing. I’ve seen churches that idolize solid expository preaching or the past or even their pastors. Those aren’t bad things, but if we elevate them too far, they become idols.

We don’t mean to worship these things, but we sometimes do. It’s even possible to worship our worship. Gary Rushing at Worship Leader Magazine writes:

Can corporate worship, be it high-powered, digitized projections or ancient stained glass, become the object of our worship? Anything that is placed above the our holy God becomes an idol and idols are for worshiping. It is possible to place our style of worship or any super-star worship leader into this position. Our adversary, the devil, is a master craftsman at taking good things, like the tools and mediums of worship, and turning these means of worship into the ends of worship. Sometimes it is very difficult to see this when we are caught up in our preferred worship genre.

It can happen in century-old traditional churches and it can happen in just-planted missional churches. Wherever humans are found, idolatry is possible. We’re hard-wired to worship.

Click here to read Gary’s full post, which includes some warning signs to look out for.

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