Four Things The Magi Teach Us About Worship

Years ago, I delivered a sermon about what the Magi can teach us about worship. Here are some brief notes from that sermon.

1. Worship focuses on the character of Christ

The Magi brought three gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Each of these items focuses on the character of Christ. Gold is an offering for royalty, and Jesus is the King of Kings. Frankincense was used by the priests, and Jesus is the High Priest who atones for our sings. Myrrh was used in burial preparations, which underscored the fact that Jesus came to die.

2. Worship is a lifestyle

The Magi made a long journey and changed their path at least once. It’s not just Sunday morning, it’s how we live. They sought Christ actively, with the intention of worshipping Him when they found Him. They were excited about this!

3. Worship is about sacrifice

We don’t know how long the Magi travelled, but it wasn’t a twenty minute drive in the minivan. They brought very expensive gifts, and risked their lives in defying Herod when they fled without reporting back to him.

4. Worship is about submission

Three grown men in positions of power knelt down before a small child. This goes against every tradition we have, where the old are exalted above the young. This was an act of humility and submission.

QUESTION: What do our actions and gifts reveal about our worship?

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