Friday Funnies

We take worship ministry pretty seriously, but life can’t be serious all the time, can it? Here’s some worship-related humor to brighten your day.

Remember, these are just excerpts, so make sure you click the links!

Because watching guys dressed as Santa falling down never gets old:

Jonathan Malm asks what would sermon series would look like if they were titled like blog posts:

If you’ve been around the blogosphere any amount of time, you’ve noticed the ridiculous amount of hyperbole in blog post titles. Bloggers know that the right title can become link bait to get people to click through and read their blogs. We thought it would be fun to make some Christmas series titles using the same rules as blog post titles. The result was rather fun.

It’s a couple years old, but “Retooning The Nativity” is one of my favorite Christmas videos of all time:

Mark Oestreicher has posted fifty of the strangest nativity sets you’ll ever see:

each year i’ve posted an expanding list of “the worst nativity sets.” but i have to be honest with you and write that i can’t really label all of these “worst” anymore. for starters, i’ve grown fond of some of them over time. then, as the list has grown, i’ve stumbled on some that i think are absolutely brilliant in one way or another. so there’s no question about it: some are horrible and tacky. some are weird and freakish. some are merely meh. and some, well, rock. but you’ll have to be the judge, i suppose.

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