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Worship leaders, pastors, and everyone serving this weekend: know that I’m praying for you! I pray that God will bless you and stretch you and use you to grow His kingdom and expand His family.

As usual, I found lots of great links this week that I wanted to share with you but that didn’t quite fit into a post. When you get a few minutes this weekend, check them out and be encouraged and challenged. Maybe even learn something. 🙂

Remember, these are just excerpts, but I strongly encourage you to click through and read each post in its entirety.

Jason Soroski shares one of my favorite Christmas stories – The Christmas Truce:

World War I, or “The Great War” was considered “the war to end all wars”. It was thought that with the devastation and aftermath of modern warfare, humanity would take every measure to prevent it from ever happening again. Sadly, it was mere decades before the seeds of another World War were sown. But in the midst of the bloodshed, there is one bright spot that shines out through the darkness of this conflict.

Lauren Hunter shares an infographic with some really interesting facts about Christmas around the world:

With Christmas less than two weeks away, we thought it would be fun to share this infographic chock-full of interesting facts and figures about Christmas. Just in case you didn’t have enough random Christmas facts to share at the dinner table, print out this blog post or take your iPad to the table with you to share with your kids.

David Good with a reminder that Christmas shows us how God works in such unexpected ways:

When Christ was born his birth announcement came in the least likely of places–out in a field to a bunch of simple shepherds in the middle of the night. I’m sure this surprised everybody, especially the shepherds. I imagine the religious leaders had been preparing the people to look for the Messiah’s anticipated arrival. They probably were expecting it to happen in a very public way for all to see, perhaps in the temple or at the home of the High Priest. They missed it because they were looking for his arrival in all the wrong places. The glory of the Lord was revealed far away from the lights and the crowds.

Ryan Kearns lists five ways to show love to your neighbors this Christmas:

The whole Christmas season celebrates Jesus as Immanuel, which means “God with us” (Matt. 1:22–23). This changes everything for us. Because God is with us and for us, we are not alone. And neither should our neighbors be, as we have great opportunities during this season to connect with them. We love because he first loved us (1 John 4:19). Here are some ways we can express Jesus’ love to our neighbors this Christmas season.

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