Shadows Of The Passover

In my annual Bible reading plan, I’m just getting to the end of Exodus. The story of the first Passover and the Israelites’ subsequent departure from Egypt is always a moving passage.

With that fresh in my mind, David Hull’s post called Reframing Communion really resonated with me:

Could it be that the words, “Do this in remembrance of me,” were accompanied with a sweeping motion of his arms that encompassed their intimate table fellowship? Jesus recognized that the Passover meal was the bread of liberation, shared by a slave people redeemed who had labored side-by-side building bricks for the kingdom of another. Slaves who had laughed together, cried together, watched each other’s children be born, mourned the loss of mutual loved ones, and supported one another in the midst of fear and anxiety.

Think of the long stream of history that we step into when we partake in Communion.

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