Some Advice For The Critics

Writing worship songs is hard work. As Bobby Gilles said in an interview here:

Worship songs must be deceptively simple, meaning that they are easy for congregations to learn and sing, but interesting enough that they’ll want to sing them.

That quote kind of reverberated in my brain as I read Andrew Finden’s recent post Please Stop Telling Worship Songwriters To Be More Creative:

I recently read an interview with a worship pastor who made a comment that his congregation didn’t sing CCM worship songs, because they had a more ‘refined’ sensibilities. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re congregation doesn’t like the CCM style (which is nowhere near as mono-stylistic as it’s often held up to be), then don’t sing those songs.. no problem, but I’m getting tired of the kind of music snoberry which puts a particular demographic’s taste (I’m look at you, hipsters) into an objective category. I’m pretty sure that with a Masters degree in opera I could pull some serious music snobbery, and indeed, there are plenty of Bach-lovers who would make the same kind of elitist comments about superior style, but it’s not a zero-sum game.

Some interesting thoughts for worship songwriters and those who criticize them. Click here to read the rest of Andrew’s post for some insightful analysis and some good ideas.

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