Six Reasons To Let A Team Member Go

David Santistevan tackles a tough issue: knowing when it’s time to ask someone to leave the worship team:

This blog post is tough. Nobody likes to have difficult conversations and nobody likes to fire anyone. But sometimes it’s necessary. And if it’s done in the proper way can be good for everyone. One of the tensions every worship leader faces is caring for the culture of the team and caring for each individual. When those lines are blurred, everything becomes more difficult. But the word “leader” is in your job description for a reason.

As David states, there are some obvious things that would require someone’s immediate dismissal from the worship team, such as constant profanity, use of violence, or pyromania. 🙂 But it isn’t always that simple.

He goes on to list six reasons that someone might be asked to leave the worship team. Here’s an example:

Being Unprepared – Does your team have a culture of excellence here on this team where practice is personal and rehearsal is relational? When we step into a rehearsal environment, we’re not there to learn but to flow and connect. If a musician isn’t ready once (or even a few times), we talk about it and work on it. If it’s a constant, ongoing problem, it can’t be allowed to continue because it’s not fair to the rest of team.

He also provides some tips on how to handle these situations. This one really got my attention:

Massive confrontation must follow other, numerous smaller conversations.

Follow that rule and no one should be surprised.

Click here for David’s full post.

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