The Problem With Performance

I was at a conference for my day job most of this week, so I missed this post when Jamie Brown initially published it, but wow:

I picked up on a common theme. It’s been growing over the last few decades. And to be honest, it’s a troubling theme. And if this current generation of worship leaders doesn’t change this theme, then corporate worship in evangelicalism really is headed for a major crash. It’s the theme of performancism.

Performance is one of those topics that worship leaders need to be reminded of over and over again. Being on the stage or in the spotlight is dangerous. Our hearts will betray us and seek our own glory even as our mouths praise God. It is a huge problem.

And Jamie’s right to point it out, because some of us aren’t just failing to guard our hearts against it: some of us seem to be actively pursuing the spotlight and courting danger. That’s foolish.

Jamie offers some simple words of advice for keeping the focus off of yourself:

Sing songs people know (or can learn easily). Sing them in congregational keys. Sing and celebrate the power, glory, and salvation of God. Serve your congregation. Saturate them with the word of God. Get your face off the big screen. Use your original songs in extreme moderation. Err on the side of including as many people as possible in what’s going on. Keep the lights up. Stop talking so much.

Click here to read Jamie’s full post. If you lead worship or you’re on a worship team, you probably need the reminder.

Jamie shares a follow up with more great information here. Be sure to check out the comments.

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