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Your Freedom Is Distracting My Worship

I enjoyed reading part of Heather Goodman’s worship journey.

She went from a non-expressive church:

Long ago, when I first gave my heart to Jesus, I spent time sojourning in some churches that were rather restrained in outward or individual emotional displays during worship. It was a really big deal if someone lifted a hand up, or even two hands, during the worship time: enough to provoke entire late night conversations among the youth group (which I was part of at the time).

To a much more expressive one:

Seeing a fellow worshipper be demonstrative in how they worship or pray to me now is a chance to see their faith being expressed, which in turn is something which bolsters my own faith and experience of meeting with God. But it took a change in my mindset for me to be able to view someone elses’ spiritual expression as something that I could receive as a beneficial aspect of Christ being made known to me through His people. I now see this as the living faith in one person’s heart being made known to mine; and then in turn, my own worship being made known to those worshipping with me as well, creating a mutually reinforcing dynamic.

How expressive is the worship at your church? Do raised hands distract you or encourage you? Or do you not even notice?

Click here to read Heather’s full post.

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