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Why We Sing

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from my friend Tyler Daniel. Many thanks to Tyler for sharing this perspective on worship with us!

Why does the church sing when it gathers?

Jesus said the greatest commandments are to love God and to love your neighbor. Central to the mission of our gathering is the idea that we come to give not to get. We come to serve one another, and to express our repentance and praise to God as a family. We gather as family to glorify God because of the good news of the gospel. We gather as family to edify the church because of the good news of the gospel. So we sing when we gather for the same reason we do anything as Christians. We sing to glorify God and edify the church. To edify just means to build each other up by encouraging, teaching, repenting, and rejoicing together. This means when we sing we have the opportunity to:

  • Encourage one another as we share in the goodness of the gospel.
  • Teach one another the truth of the gospel.
  • Repent together as the truth of the gospel exposes our need for grace.
  • Rejoice in the truth of the gospel – God has conquered sin and death, and given us life and purpose in His Son.

This is why we sing

This is why we sing, because the gospel really is good news, and it motivates us to love God and love another. We sing because it is a way to praise God, preach the gospel, and encourage one another. We sing because God has given us song as a way to experience His grace as family. We sing because the gospel compels us to love God and to love our neighbor.

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