John Wesley

A Worship Hermeneutic

It’s my sincere hope that no one plans services by simply picking their favorite songs. That would be a great disservice to your church, your team, and your Lord. But when we think about why we choose the songs we do, things can be hard to explain.

Matthew Ward offers a way to guide your worship selections and choices: worship hermeneutic. Matthew writes:

Most of you have heard the term ‘hermeneutic’ applied to the Bible. It’s the lens you use to understand and interpret the words and truths in the Bible (consciously or not). It’s also why there are so many different interpretations of the Bible. Churches and worship leaders apply a hermeneutic to their worship services (again, consciously or not). If we take a conscious approach to a single, unified worship hermeneutic, we can answer a lot of the supposedly unanswered questions and take our worship services down meaningful and exciting paths.

A comprehensive approach to worship planning means that you need to know what your church values, as Matthew indicates:

Know that there can be a guiding and unifying principle that you can apply to all of the decisions you make in structuring, ordering, and executing your church’s corporate worship. Ideally, this will be the same principle that your church uses. Every church has some kind of guiding priority it uses to make decisions about ministries, events, staffing, and so on. Some churches are more intentional about it than others, which means that the first (and sometimes hardest) step is to identify your church’s guiding priority.

How about you? What principles do you use as a guide for planning corporate worship? What drives the song choices you make as you plan services?

Click here for Matthew’s full post.

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