Don’t Teach Songs – Teach People!

Michael Bleecker on the duties and responsibilities of the worship leader:

Most churches devote around 20–30 minutes each weekend to a time of congregational singing. During this time, the worship pastor is given the sacred trust of communicating to those in his church the glory of God through song and spoken word. This is a wonderful and weighty responsibility we have been given. We are called not to entertain, but to plead with people to remember and behold Jesus, while imploring others to repent and be saved by him.

This is why service planning is so much more than just picking your favorite songs. It’s about picking the right songs to teach the people and reach the people. And that’s all about context.

Michael points out that the songs we sing have deeper meaning when we have a deeper knowledge of God:

The worship of those you are leading will be richer if you teach them the riches of the One they’re celebrating. And teaching takes time. Dissect, study, and tether the lyrics of each of your songs to God’s word. Type the Scripture passages on your chord charts and church screens while including them in your prayers and teaching moments. Your hard work will result in God’s people having a greater awareness of his glory.

Worship leader, don’t just teach songs – teach the people!

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