Five Ways To Shepherd Your Worship Team

A few days ago I linked to a post that pointed out that every worship leader is a pastor whether they know it or not. While that post explained why that’s true, today I ran across this post by Kevin West explaining how to live that out and be a better pastor to your own worship team:

I’d love to say I’m a leadership expert. I wish I could give you 10 amazing leadership truths like John Maxwell or Andy Stanley. I can’t. In fact, looking back at 20 years of leading teams, sometimes I feel like I know almost nothing. So why I am writing this…to say I have nothing to tell you? Not quite. What I found is that I backed into a few things that have worked for me.

I think that many worship leaders, like Kevin, have stumbled onto the best way to lead a team. Here’s hoping that by documenting and sharing what we’ve all learned the hard way, future worship leaders will have a better template to use!

Here’s one of the ways that Kevin ministers to his team:

I started leading the team in a devotional before every rehearsal. This devotional was one part vision, one part Bible study, and a lot of transparency. We treated it like a small group. Often times, I shared a few minutes on something God was teaching me through my devotions and asked people to comment to start a discussion. Other times I asked someone else to give a devotional. (This is a great opportunity for mentorship.) After a bit of discussion, we always ended our devotional time praying for each other, our church community, and our time of preparation for leading them in worship.

What are some of the ways you pastor and lead your team? What have you found to be effective in shepherding your worship team?

Click here for Kevin’s full list.

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