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Worship Leaders And Christian Celebrities

David Santistevan on worship leaders, Christian celebrities, and some recent controversies:

Allow me to issue a challenge – to you, to me. This is about worship. When situations like this arise, I wonder who we are worshiping, what we’re prioritizing. Our worship culture so often becomes a consumer game of digesting the latest, greatest songs and resources, idolizing the people who carry the gifts of God. The problem with idolizing the carriers of God’s anointing is that they weren’t meant to hold the weight of such admiration. It wasn’t made for man, but for God alone.

God alone deserves our worship. When we make idols of men, disappointment is the only possible outcome. But, as David points out, when someone prominent falls, that doesn’t mean we can write them off:

Truth is, we can’t look to the conduit of God’s gifts as our source, but to Christ. Then, we are free to receive the ministry of those we don’t agree with. We can bless and encourage and pray for those with contrary beliefs without tearing down, because it’s not our job to police the church.

Worship leader, where do you put your faith? In God or in man?

Click here for David’s full post. Good thoughts about some difficult subjects.

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