Still Room For Stillness

From Nathan Ganz, a wonderful reminder that amid the upbeat energy of modern worship, there’s still room for songs of quiet reflection:

We began a conversation to decide if stillness and quiet have a place in the modern worship service. Our conclusion is that as a congregation collectively matures in their worship there is more liberty to engage with uncommon forms of worship. Stillness requires maturity because it has the capacity to make someone feel uncomfortable, agitated or nervous.

I’d go even further and say that if your worship services don’t include space for stillness and introspection, you’re doing it wrong.

Nate goes on to mention the Biblical precedent for stillness:

The Bible teaches us that there are appropriate times to be introspective, still and meditative. King David was consistent in his meditation; a process lost on many Americans. I find that Americans often believe meditation to only be a ritual of foreign religions, but it most certainly is not.

Do you provide time for stillness and quiet in your services?

Click here for the rest of Nate’s thoughts on stillness. Good stuff.

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