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Three Ways To Deal With A Worship Heckler

When you’re performing music, a heckler can really mess you up. When you’re leading worship, it’s even worse.

Kevin West recounts the tale of a worship service interrupter:

I’ve been around church for a long time, and have seen my share of things, but I had never seen that before. So to cut to the chase and make what felt like the longest 10 min of my life a bit more brief, eventually my pastor came up on stage and cuts the man off. The man then took his shoes off, slapped them together — I suppose as if he was shaking the dust off his feet — and walked out the door, in his socks. I have told this story many times over the year anecdotally, but believe me, as much as I can laugh about it now, I was not laughing then. But looking back there are some lessons to glean from this experience.

Kevin goes on to list three lessons learned from a worship heckler, such as:

Keep Your Composure
This event happened towards the beginning of the service. There was still much to be done before we could all go to lunch — and talk about it. We still had to receive the offering. Our pastor had not taught from God’s Word yet. I’m sure there was still an invitation or challenge to be given with closing music. As much as I wanted to leave, I couldn’t.

Click here for Kevin’s post and the full story.

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