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Four Ways To Keep Christ At The Center Of Our Worship

We say that it’s all about Jesus. We even sing that it’s all about Jesus. But are we keeping it all about Jesus?

Gangai Victor shares four methods for keeping our worship Christ-centered:

Tell the story
Check your song lyrics—are we too caught up with songs about me, what I can do for God, my emotions and feelings and so on? While such songs are not bad by themselves, too much of them can skew our worship towards self-centeredness than God-centeredness.
Let’s sing more about the greatest story of all—of Christ saving us again and again and again! Sing of His Cross, His mercy, His justice, His Blood, His ridiculously extravagant love, His resurrection… you see, a gospel focus is crucial to instill joy and life into our worship.
Let’s make the story of Jesus Christ the cornerstone of worship.

This post is full of good advice for anyone who wants to make more of Christ and less of themselves.

What do you do to keep Christ at the center of your worship services?

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