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Misplaced Critiques Of Modern Worship

Great post by Glenn Packiam explaining that some of the common critiques about modern worship may not be fair or even applicable:

the critique about the resemblance to a rock concert.
For those loosely familiar with my work over the past few years, you know that I have challenged the church— at times quite sharply— to work more attentively to align the visual elements of a service (lights, stage, layout…even architecture, where possible) with the verbal elements. Too often we say it’s all about Jesus while the image magnification continues to put our worship teams in focus. So, this critique has considerable merit. And yet, we are too careless in applying it.

It isn’t short and it’s not exactly light reading, but it’s definitely worth setting some time aside to read this post about Biblical worship and modern worship. Glenn is no stranger to various forms of worship throughout the ages, so his thoughts and opinions here certainly carry some weight.

Check out the whole post here. It’s part 1, and I’m certainly looking forward to the next installment.

Are all of the common critiques about modern worship fair? What do you think?

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