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The War On Advent

We often hear (somewhat silly) talk about a war on Christmas in our culture, but has the church declared war on Advent?

Rich Kirkpatrick on Christmas, Advent, and the wars we choose to fight:

There has been a lot of dialog in the Evangelical world in recent years about a war on Christmas. The cry was to say “Merry Christmas” in defiance to something like “Seasons Greetings” or “Happy Holidays.” Regardless of the words we use, the war on Christmas is fed from law suits to remove civic-sponsored Nativity Scenes and school prohibitions about mentioning the Jesus of Christmas. However problematic the external forces of our society press against a Christ-centered Christmas, it may be our in-house disregard of Advent that sets us back. Could our fight for Christmas be a fight against Advent?

Christmas is definitely worth celebrating, but in skipping right to the celebration, we miss the waiting and the longing associated with our Savior’s birth. Rich continues:

A war an Advent does not appear as an outward assault but as an inward omission. Have we focused so much on what language others use for the season that we forget why we actually celebrate? The coming—or Advent—of Christ was long awaited. And, the time we live in the brackets between the First and Second Coming cannot be understood in full without the Incarnate Christ being celebrated.

It’s kind of like skipping the meal and going straight to dessert. Have we forsaken Advent for the celebration of Christmas? What do you think?

Click here for Rich’s full post.

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