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Good Enough To Worship

Lester Ong dives into the question of who’s worthy of being on the worship team:

I believe that an apprehension and understanding of the grace of God will transform the way we approach Him in worship. In this context, I want to pose the question: who is qualified to serve on the worship team?

He also examines what the old and new testaments suggest about it:

Some people argue that the worship ministry, following the Old Testament model, requires a particular level of holiness. They point to the fact that the presence of God is so holy that the High Priest who has even a trace of sin will be struck dead in the Holy of Holies… The way I see it, the new covenant of grace changes the system.

My take is that worship team members can and should be held to a higher standard, just like any other ministry leaders. I’ve had to release people from the team for moral failings and public sin in the past. I expect it will happen again.

Click here to read Lester’s post. Good food for thought.

One thought on “Good Enough To Worship”

  1. I don’t know. I consider the worship pastor/leader just like any other pastor/elder, & needs to live up to those qualifications according to the Scripture, but practically the rest of the team are volunteers, like any other volunteer in the church (those passsing out flyers, signing people in, running tech, etc), so unless that volunteer was front & center on a mic, I’d hold them to the same standard as that of any other volunteer. Now, to volunteer at church is much like the roll of a deacon, so I could imagine using those guidlines, under some circumstances, but not neccessarily that of an elder/overseeer.

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