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Leadership Roundup

Leading worship isn’t just about music. It’s also about leading people: the people on your team and the people in your congregation.

There are so many great articles on leadership being posted online, and I’m finding new ones every week. So that means it’s time for this week’s Leadership Roundup.

Below you’ll find some of the best leadership resources I came across this week. Save them to Instapaper or Pocket or Read It Later or your bookmarks, and check them out when you have some time this weekend. Be challenged and be encouraged. Be a better leader.

Remember, these are just excerpts, but I strongly encourage you to click through and read each post in its entirety.

Brad Abare shares four things you can do when the senior pastor pulls rank:

The senior leader felt pretty strongly about having a particular dance presentation in an upcoming event for the organization. The manager of the event—the person responsible for everything from creative to execution—felt pretty strongly the other way. The dance presentation, in her opinion, was not strong enough for the event and would reflect poorly on the organization. The senior leader felt otherwise, and pressed to make sure it would happen… What do you do when your senior leader pulls rank and goes against your preferred vision or plan?

Luke Geraty lists three things you don’t want to hear from good leaders:

I learned a lot from watching them interact with people. Unfortunately, most of what I learned was what not to do. And I’ve seen these problems in many other leaders over the years and have been guilty too. So here are some observations concerning the language of poor leadership. These are the thing that I heard and what eventually led to this couple losing all of their volunteers and what probably affects countless numbers of poor leaders all over the world.

Joe McKeever shares one of the most important Bible verses on leadership:

Strong, visionary leaders. Faithful, willing workers. An unbeatable combination. Where do strong visionary leaders come from? What is the source for faithful willing workers? Answer to both: The call of God.

Steve Keating on the difference being called a leader and actually leading:

Don’t be a leader in name only. Work each day to earn the trust and respect of the people you would lead. Authentic Servant Leaders know this fact without a doubt: if your people can’t trust you then they absolutely won’t follow you. It’s more than that, they actually can’t follow you; their brain won’t let them commit to someone that they can’t trust and if they can’t commit, then they are not truly following. No matter what you call yourself, if no one will follow you then you are not leading.

Jack Wellman reminds us why effective church leaders are always a target for spiritual attacks:

If you are a pastor or a church leader or even if you are a church member, know that you and the church are under spiritual attacks from the enemy. The more successful a church’s ministry is, the more likely they’ll be under the enemies attack. Satan doesn’t bother with church’s that are simply going through the motion, churches that are not busy doing kingdom-work, churches that are not evangelizing, and churches that are not discipling members to grow in holiness.

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