Looking At Lyrics

Any song you’re going to lead the church in singing needs to be evaluated for its theology. As the worship leader, you’re putting words into people’s mouths, so they need to be good words.

Corrie Mitchell takes a look at the lyrics of ten popular worship songs that she feels aren’t solid enough to sing in church:

Some of these songs on this list are theologically questionable, others are merely uncomfortable — and some sound like thinly disguised teenage crush songs. But all of them are really popular. If you’re invited to sing these one Sunday soon, it might be better to improvise.

I don’t necessarily agree that all ten of these songs should be cut from your lists, but I do agree about songs that are sung from God’s perspective:

Really, I’m just not fond of this type of song in general — the ones sung from God’s point of view. There’s something off to me, something that feels like we’re taking on God’s greatness and goodness and glory by singing as if we were God himself.

Especially in a worship setting, that’s just weird.

Check out the full list here. There’s some lively discussion in the comments, but things do get a bit heated.

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