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The Art Of Tying Songs Together

One thing that drives me nuts in a worship service is “dead air” – not intentional silence, but awkward pauses. And there’s a world of difference between the two. An area that’s especially prone to an awkward silence is the gap between songs, but you can fill that space.

Chris Marsh writes:

When leading worship, what things have you tried in between songs to link them together, especially if they are in the same key? I previously wrote about writing prayers in advance, so you have a clear message to lead with in between songs. Another idea is to spend some time writing your own bridges, codas, or tags. This can be especially fun if you’re just getting started in songwriting, as you don’t have to worry about the pressure to get an entire song crafted, and most of the music is already there for you.

Check out the rest of his post, including a video, here.

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