What Makes A Song Timeless?

When it comes to worship music, I’m much more interested in the theology, lyrics, and singability than in who wrote it or when.

Gary Durbin explains what makes a worship song timeless:

For a worship leader, song selection is a very important and delicate, weekly task.

I don’t view myself as an entertainer, therefore I want my church to be able to easily engage, participate and sing the songs every week. That being said, I try to select SINGABLE songs! Novel idea, right? It doesn’t sound very profound, but it seems to be somewhat of a lost art.

What I’ve found is that the songs that seem to be the most accessible for the church are those songs that are timeless. They are those new or old songs that have that timeless, ageless quality. Timeless songs are songs that could have been written this week or 300 years ago. If we as worship leaders embrace them, I believe we can more effectively help our churches embrace God in corporate worship.

Check out his list here.

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