How To Give Your Worship Leader Feedback

There’s a right way and a wrong way to give feedback to your worship leader.

Gangai Victor writes:

Your hairdo was distracting… the drums were too loud… you talked too much/little… your jeans were too tight…

We worship leaders face our fair and sometimes unfair share of feedback, right?!

While constructive feedback is essential for our improvement, receiving negative feedback is not the most enjoyable pastime for anyone! Let’s remember that when we also give feedback to others—so that we may be responsible, kind and fair.

So how can we critique without hurting/offending?

Gangai lists six ways to improve the feedback process for worship leaders. This was one of my favorites:

Specificity beats fuzzy opinions

“I just couldn’t get into that song that you led” is fuzzy opinion—doesn’t help anyone.

“The 2nd song that you played today… I think it needs a little more work to make it friendlier for our congregation. The tempo felt rushed and the key was a bit out of our range….” This is specific, and constructive and probably won’t hurt the worship leader’s feelings.

Check out the whole list here.

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